Playing Pro For A Day Or Two

Sometimes hobbies turn into passion and there isn’t much you can do about it. When I began photographing birds, I thought I would do this just for fun and WOULD NEVER get carried away chasing impossible targets or put deadlines into my birding schedule. Well I had been successful for about a year repressing such urge but last week I could not help myself.

I had a family matter to attend in Pahang and decided to make a detour to Taman Negara Kuala Tahan. There I pretended like a professional photographer, which I am not. I set out to find and photograph Red-naped Trogon and Cinnamon-rumped Trogon.

Well, probably setting such target was not unreasonable since I had to spend time and money to go there. Besides, I resolved to find only two species, I did not write a full page of bird names to tick off.

So I got the Red-naped as pictured above (not a very good picture but hey I am grateful nonetheless). However I did not hear nor did I see the Cinnamon-rumped variety. The above picture on the right belongs to Daniel Koh  posted on Oriental Bird Images website

On the other hand I got  a  bonus – a female Red-naped Trogon Orange-breasted Trogon that my wife spotted while we stopped for a breather after a tiring hike. Next, came a Crested Goshawk, another welcome sight.

It is fun to walk (or wait) in the jungle since you rarely can predict what is going to cross your path. I got to see two deers (possibly Rusa Sambar) came to a waterhole for a drink. The young male with a small antler appeared first. The female approached the waterhole about 10 mintes later.

While walking along another trail after our lunch, two or three Asian Paradise Flycatchers made some noise and gave themselves away. This was a prize find and I got some shots that I thought was satisfactory, but coming back to the hotel room, the pictures I downloaded into my computer turned out to be disappointing. That was when I decided to break my other hobbyist  rule – to take it easy. Instead I said to myself go chase that bird until you get THAT SHOT! So I extended my stay, crossed the river to Taman Negara and hiked to the same spot I saw the flycatchers for the next 2 days. To cut this story short, I played like a pro and kept snapping photos for two more days until I came back with what I thought a usable picture. Here they are of the flycatchers:

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

They sport long tail, their color is beautiful, and they are chatty.

The trip was more than worthwhile, just that I have to remind myself I do photography for fun. I don’t like deadlines and I don’t appreciate difficult targets!

As usual, I would appreciate your comments below.

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