Pittas are wonders of beauty. Their color is striking and they seem to tease you  to just reach out and cuddle them like you do to little chicken. There are many species of Pittas throughout the Malay Peninsula, such as the  Malayan Banded Pitta, right.

In Malaysia, some pitta species are seasonal while some are easily seen throughout the year.

Some of pitta species have been classified by IUCN as Endangered, others as Vulnerable, while the rest as Near Threatened. In short, they are facing extinction, mainly due to habitat destruction.

I have been lucky to photograph some of them quite easily, without the need to venture too far into the jungle.

In size, a pitta is about the same as a quail, 15-25cm long. The wings are relatively short and the legs are long, however they are fine flyers, crossing the sea for thousands of kilometers riding the wind and seasonal changes.

The brilliant colored pitta to the left is a Garnet Pitta.

I encountered the Blue-winged Pitta (right) in a swampy public park. While talking to a fellow bird prhotographer we saw  a pair hopping about looking for earthworm, but I was not quick enough to capture a good picture of the pair in one frame.

Both the Blue-winged and Hooded Pitta (below) are seasonal appearance.

Check out more pictures of Pittas HERE.

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