Kingfisher Story -

Widely distributed in the forest, fields, riverside, beach, kingfishers come in many color, size and behavior. While the name implies aquatic prey, many species live happily in the forest and high in the canopy, feeding on insect and ground lizards. Banded Kingfisher (top left) is not water-bound and this particular one landed on a branch a few feet above me while I was sitting in a jungle many meters away from the road and nowhere near a stream.

Common Kingfisher may be common in Europe and elsewhere but rarely seen in Malaysia most of the year. It is their winter habit to fly down south of the hemisphere and return to the north as the weather turns warmer.

Kingfishers with prawn and stick insect.

The Black-capped Kingfisher (below, left) is found mostly near the coast as they are migratory, stopping by from the northern countries escaping the winter. It is very shy, and curiously suspicious of people with cameras. At one time I drove my car towards the direction of a Black-capped Kingfisher and Collared Kingfisher (below, right) perching almost side-by-side on the power line by the road. The Black-capped flew away within me approaching 50 feet. The Collared Kingfisher was more tolerant and flew away once I came in too close at about 20 feet.

Go ahead, browse my collection of kingfishers by clicking any of the images below.

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