Flycatcher Story -

Flycatchers are tiny birds 9 - 20 cm long. There are of many types, and those I have seen share common habit that they perch quietly on small branch keeping a lookout for small insects, and swoop down for a catch when they see a suitable prey. They maneuver in flight very well considering some small insects they chase fly in irregular pattern.

A pair of Snowy-browed Flycatchers below are good looking, with excellent colors and friendly manners. Simply adorable.

I see they are quite curious with intruders (me!), occassionally flying and perching close for inspection (they inspect me and I inspect them), so I have been getting good shots that way.

I like their song, melodiuos, soothing and entertaining. Canary flycatcher pictured above is a good example. Flycatchers in general are common jungle residents. Walking in the jungle fringe you would almost certain to hear them singing (as opposed to chirping).

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